Benefits of Optimizing an Image for SEO

Benefits of Optimizing an Image for SEO

Rainforestconnection – Millions of blogs, articles, and web pages are being linked to and linked to by different websites. You can’t figure out where these websites are coming from because they are on the internet. All you see is the link going out. You don’t even know where it is going. Those sites have been optimized for SEO or Search Engine Optimization before you get there.

You should use images that will push your SEO to the next level. Some people say that images are best because the file sizes are small. But bigger is not better for SEO. The bigger the size the larger the file. So images look like easy targets for all kinds of people from the social bookmarking sites to personal blogs. Plus, with SEO it is important to control the size of your files because the more the merrier when used in blog posts, online pages, web articles, and Squidoo lens.

One image is not enough however; you must use a minimum of 3-4 main images and then create a play of images that will create good effects. For example, if you are using a picture of a beach interior then you will want to use beach-vantage.gif or beach-ography.gif.

Be sure to use the keyword phrase or phrase in the image that will be linked to every single post, article, and headline on the blog, webpage, or lens that you create needs to link back to the original source. This is where the link is needed from the original source. Because your SEO is being optimized for the phrase you specified, it will have more weight than a link of a phrase that does not actually have anything to do with the site.

Tools and software online that can help you make basic adjustments are available and images size may need to be changed. Be sure to use the right keywords and phrases in the page title tag assigned on the webpage because this will help with your SEO.

Image optimization or Image SEO is not as easy as it may seem. After all if a sentence said, “Imagine you are…..” Most people would automatically assume that that was related to the entire sentence rather than one word or phrase. The phrase “imagine you’re….” will be explained.

You will first have to write out a script, description, and keyword phrases. After choosing the correct word or phrase you need to use it a few times throughout the article. Something like, “Imagine you’re relaxing by the beach relaxing”. The key is to use the keyword phrase enough times that it still does not look like a run-of-the-mill or informal comment.

For instance, did you know there are at least 4 different ways that people could write or say “in” in the sentence. Thus, if you just use the word “in” or the phrase “in”, then your SEO will lose top portion of it and become less effective. This is because when you use the keyword phrase more than 2 times in the article, then it will not match with the context and will not seem natural. Thus more weight is being transferred towards the word “in” or geographically-based shorter phrase instead.

You need to utilize the entire keyword phrase or phrase strategically in the article without doing that in a repetitive manner. For example, if you combine the keywords “dominobet” and “in the coordinates”, then that will take your SEO to the next level. You will have one mention of the keyword phrase 4 times, this will make it a better match.

Fresh content that can’t be found on the web is a valuable animal for your content plans for your articles, blogs, and website information. That is if they are public. Don’t keep on using the same writing style with all your releases; it does not help with search engine optimization.

As an aside, another one of those rules; the “in” word is the italic. You may think this does not apply to the use of capital letters for a font or the use of a different color for a certain word or phrase. Non-idulous smart people like you need to get the picture, non-idulous. Of course there are some things that the smart people know that you do not know.

Make sure that your website design and the overall quality of your SEO in by keeping a text version of your website if it is going to be displayed as a text file in PDF format. Having several versions of your website keeps your site SEO friendly because Google will find multiple versions of your pages to be indexed. If you have a small website, you should have a text version and a PDF version and then another and another and so on. This is absolutely a must with a blog, informational page, or informational product.